Kick Fear in the Mouth and Bash its Teeth Out

Dear Fear,

This is the only warning you will receive, so you best take care and prepare. I am coming after you in 2014, and we will go toe to toe for twelve rounds (or months) and I won’t back down. I’m calling the shots now because I refuse to let you hold me back any longer.  It’s too late for you to simply walk away because I want revenge for everything you’ve cost me.

It’s the year of the Horse, so get ready for a stampede. You may run and try to hide, but I will find you.  I will corner you like a wild animal where you will crouch squealing like a dirty Rat Fink asking why? What did I do? My swift and quick response will be delivered in the form of blows.  I will haul off and kick you in the mouth – repeatedly.

Rest assured I will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. In fact, I found fashionable black leather ankle boots sporting reinforced steel-tipped-toes, which will be strapped to my feet for the grand affair.

In 2014, I shall the bash each and every one of your teeth out.  You will be reduced to a crying-sucking-gum less fool.  Curled in a fetal position, calling to your friends for help while pleading for mercy. In the silence that follows you will discover your friends, Guilt and Regret, have deserted you in your hour of need. This pleases me. With those two monkeys off my back, I will be able to focus on my craft after completing abovementioned task.

Before you drill a hole through my head that permits the words to bleed out unsaid, I’ll do what’s necessary to rid you from my head.  First, I’ll bust out with a couple of kung-foo moves.  Second, I will set up my iPod, securing the ear buds and cord under my shirt; so that it doesn’t get jerked away and then I will really turn it up loud to drown out your pig like grunts and satisfying screams.  Third, I’ll introduce you to the wall of death and perform a pogo dance on your hard head and leave you for dead.


Yours No More


10 responses to “Kick Fear in the Mouth and Bash its Teeth Out

  1. There is a guttural, primal delight in reading someone so like minded! If you’d like a wingman in this fight, I’m your huckleberry. You kick high, I’ll kick low? 😉


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