Unity ~ #Poem

Seize the moments of opportunity

Those that arrive few and far in between 

Our time and space knows no immunity 

Seize the moments of opportunity

Discover power ending with unity 

The possibilities yet to be seen

Seize the moments of opportunity 

Those that arrive few and far in between

Written in response to an IG prompt that called for a Triolet poem, which I haven’t done in a looooong while, so this was my response. 


Decent, Descent ~ #Tanka #Poem

Twenty-nine people
Didn’t have the decency
To notice or say

My ‘S’ letter went missing
Conveying the wrong message


– Whether it was a simple oversight or you were being too polite, it’s alright I still appreciated the like and fodder to write. 😀 😝

The Mountain – (a Duet) Finish it Friday

Written by; Robert Louis Covington (Italics) & Kelly Lewis

Calming beauty and mystery
Circling valleys with majesty

I call upon thee greenery
Shifting mantels of prosperity
To fill me with your serenity

– A “Finish it Friday” prompt from the Inlandia Institute featuring fellow IECWC member Robert Louis Covington’s piece ‘The Mountain’