Red, Red Wine

Oh how you make me feel fine Relaxed without a single care One could boldly dare, at times  Under burgundy stimulus Floating through the universe It’s hard to control impulses  Wanting to right every wrong Determining best intentions While loudly singing anthem songs Eventually, she will go to sleep Falling silent through the night AfterContinue reading “Red, Red Wine”

Reunited ~ #OctPoWriMo 1 of 31

Seasons will certainly change in a haze People will need to part their own ways Separated by time and distance Engaged in personal commitments Never forgotten over prolonged days Persistent like the cool autumn breeze Covering ground and dancing in the trees True friends reunite and share some wine Laughing and reminiscing of good timesContinue reading “Reunited ~ #OctPoWriMo 1 of 31”

Quiet Mine

I’ve enjoyed the quiet sounds of the neighborhood while sitting out on the patio, getting words (+2k) on the page in between taking care of domestic responsibilities.  Now I’m running out of juice (battery, energy, and wine), so it’s time to pack it up and call it a night and get things in order forContinue reading “Quiet Mine”


  Okay it’s time to crunch some numbers and get a few words in today.  Let’s see where did I leave off, hmmm?  It is kind of hard to remember… after all, I am guilty of scene hopping it’s true.  I have to flush out the scenes or polish them when they strike or IContinue reading “Cheers”