Predator of The Night

Crawling along your spine It’s only a matter of time The nights howling wind Calls to the beast within Under the eclipsed moon Shape shifting will begin Shredded clothing strewn A shocking transformation Beyond wild imagination The hunger pangs persist Impulses won’t be denied Sleek predator of the night Keen senses easily guide Salivating forContinue reading “Predator of The Night”

Serenity Found

She set out to cross the country Over treacherous mountain ranges With a manageable, steady gait Covered over thirty miles each day Till she found her final destination A serene place she wanted to stay Climbing up to the plateaus edge Pictured the view and took a look Clean, untouched forest for a den PaddedContinue reading “Serenity Found”

A Snippet & Thought

“There’s nothing here…But off in the distance, maybe across the stream, I can hear something. Movement. Perhaps some sort of small animal.” She scrunched her eyes shut tighter, furrowing her brows in concentration, “Yes, I think it’s a small animal of some sort. Roaming. Slowly. Grazing. That’s weird; I shouldn’t be able to hear anyContinue reading “A Snippet & Thought”

Magickal Enlightened Mutation ~ #OctPoWriMo 7 of 31

Magickal Mother moon illuminates Beauty seen in every phase Let’s praise and communicate Enlightened Basking in the evening glow Deep in the woodlands we’ll roam In our home, no need for show  Mutation Hereditary brilliance Superb strength and survival Feared rival of resilience

Justice and Mating Collides

J is for… Justice and Mating Collides, my neglected WIP novel that I haven’t touched since 3/28/14, so here’s the next (very) short installment hot off the press.  Feel free to visit their home page linked above for more. Without speaking a word Sam took the lead and found her way out of the denseContinue reading “Justice and Mating Collides”

Justice and Mating Collides

 Synopsis Detective Dustin Reynolds is heading up an investigation of recent hate crimes committed against women who have been assaulted, raped, and even murdered in his precinct.  The frightened townspeople are depending on him to catch the criminal to restore safety and peace in their community. He is guarding a secret from the human society,Continue reading “Justice and Mating Collides”

Dustin’s Weapons

Secured in a leather shoulder holster on the right is a Glock model 20, holding 13 rounds of ten mm, in a magnum cartridge that is more suitable for hunting than protection.  A Glock model 29 can be found tucked in either the small of his back or in the front at the waist forContinue reading “Dustin’s Weapons”

Da da, da da, da…

A brief Sunday afternoon interlude. Later this evening I’ll either be working with Werewolves or incorrigible Dom’s. *** Alright Yeah Well now I must admit, I can’t explain Any of these thoughts racing through my brain It’s true Baby, I’m howlin’ for you Alright There’s something wrong with this plot The actors here, have notContinue reading “Da da, da da, da…”

Revelations Begin (continued with more)

Out on the vast wooden deck that wrapped around the entire cabin, they sat side by side on oversized wooden chaise lounge chairs, in silence, while overlooking the forest edge. Dustin was staring off in deep thought as he contemplated how best to broach the sensitive subject. “What’s the matter?” Samantha asked casting a sidewaysContinue reading “Revelations Begin (continued with more)”

Quiet Mine

I’ve enjoyed the quiet sounds of the neighborhood while sitting out on the patio, getting words (+2k) on the page in between taking care of domestic responsibilities.  Now I’m running out of juice (battery, energy, and wine), so it’s time to pack it up and call it a night and get things in order forContinue reading “Quiet Mine”

First Encounters

Trudging along very, very slowly but making some progress when I can.  Here is another snippet from Justice and Mating Collides. *** When he reached the open doorway to his office he found the source sitting next to his desk with her back toward him. The room was infused with her scent; it was overwhelmingContinue reading “First Encounters”


Excerpt from Justice and Mating Collides. Previously posted: chapter 1, part 1 In minutes, they were climbing the steep hill, hugging tight turns on a narrow road. They drove through a small village the length of a city block, where she spotted a café, mini-market, gas station, and a couple of pubs. A mile or soContinue reading “Extravagance”

Justice and Mating Collides (Part 1 Sampling)

He stood there frozen, in the small-darkened observation room, peering through the one-way glass into the interview room.  His eyes were riveted to the victim where she sat alone, waiting, under the fluorescent lighting.  Her petite body barely filled the chair she sat in.  Shivering in an upright fetal position, legs drawn up onto theContinue reading “Justice and Mating Collides (Part 1 Sampling)”