Defensive Posture

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Roaming the terrain
Looking for a new domain
Battling for the claim

Successor-ship and respect
Until overturned and checked

-Tanka Poem


Predator of The Night


Crawling along your spine
It’s only a matter of time
The nights howling wind
Calls to the beast within
Under the eclipsed moon
Shape shifting will begin
Shredded clothing strewn
A shocking transformation
Beyond wild imagination
The hunger pangs persist
Impulses won’t be denied
Sleek predator of the night
Keen senses easily guide
Salivating for the first bite
Stalking through the streets
Hunting human flesh to eat
Now, he’s got you in sight
You can’t run for your life

Serenity Found


She set out to cross the country
Over treacherous mountain ranges
With a manageable, steady gait
Covered over thirty miles each day
Till she found her final destination
A serene place she wanted to stay

Climbing up to the plateaus edge
Pictured the view and took a look
Clean, untouched forest for a den
Padded to a nearby babbling brook
Forepaws sunk in cool, wet earth
Thirst abated, a joyous pelt shook

A Snippet & Thought

“There’s nothing here…But off in the distance, maybe across the stream, I can hear something. Movement. Perhaps some sort of small animal.” She scrunched her eyes shut tighter, furrowing her brows in concentration, “Yes, I think it’s a small animal of some sort. Roaming. Slowly. Grazing. That’s weird; I shouldn’t be able to hear any of that. But what’s really strange is I have this sudden urge to sneak up on it and see what it’s doing.” Exasperated, Sam exhaled nosily. “That’s really odd. Next time, please remind me to stop at two glasses of wine. A girl has to have limits.”


~Blowing off some of the dust that has been collecting on my unfinished novel.   As much as I prefer to write on the patio in the spring or summer, time is more precious,  and I feel like winter writing is generally most productive.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make some headway and get this project DONE.


Justice and Mating Collides


J is for… Justice and Mating Collides, my neglected WIP novel that I haven’t touched since 3/28/14, so here’s the next (very) short installment hot off the press.  Feel free to visit their home page linked above for more.

Without speaking a word Sam took the lead and found her way out of the dense forest covering, stepping out from behind the trees and into an open ravine.  Sam tilted her head up toward the towering moon, closed hers eyes as it illuminated her porcelain skin from within and filled her with magical radiance that would give her the strength for the events that were about to unfold in the coming week  Dustin wanted to stand there and admire her in the moonlight all night. Yet with reluctance he gently grasped her bent elbow poking out as she rested her hands her hips, and he leaned in close to whisper, “Where to now?”  As Sam moved toward the running stream she canted her head from left-to-right, actively listening for sounds of movement and then paused at the rushing waters edge.  Dustin knew the moment Sam zeroed in on the source by of the huge smile she flashed just before pointing her finger; accurately upstream in the direction of raccoon family that was frantically working in the night on home improvements. Unexpectedly, Sam crouched down and stepped back lightly upon the twigs and rocks – naturally, as if in wolf form, as she made her way up the stream.  Her actions left Dustin smiling like a giddy schoolboy as he followed in her wake.