Painted Ladies

Glamorous it seems
from the eyes of a young child
taught to cover up


their natural-born beauty


Sashay Shante, Queens
Sis’ of Perpetual Sin
spreading awareness

2012 AIDS Fundraiser


Last week, I stumbled upon the below  site hosting weekly Haiku prompts, and thought fun. This week, I decided to give it a go by using the words as the title with 3 different views in the form of Haiku.

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #161 Painted&Lady



Art by: Alessio Albi

Art by: Alessio Albi

Navigating aquatic passageways
Following the muted light rays

Shining above the calm surface
Breaking through with purpose

Tangled in life’s painful ropes
Restricting the breath of hope

Sinking back into depths below
Following channels that flow

Emerging over and over again
Frightened kids, we call men

Struggling to swim upstream
A daily occupational regime

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Photo Challenge #120

The Waiting

Art by: Zemotion

Art by: Zemotion

Charged for crimes she didn’t commit

She refused to give up her only consent

Holding strong to her innate dark magic

Denying to use it as her defense was tragic

Held captive beneath the earth’s vile floor

Evil spilled each day seeping to the core

It was a long tortuous penance she paid

For the power carried as she walked away

In response to photo prompt #66 over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


Sunshine & Rainbows


Refining the process until it’s just right

Building the future and making history

By banning together with all our might

Claiming a cause and action publicly


Sunshine today shines bright in the night

Lighting up the space with our abilities

To innovate and win the judicial fight

Holding natural sources of electricity


Clever hopes to eliminate toxic pollution

Wishing on rainbows and scientists evenly

To alleviate global warming with solutions

Scalable to populous and ruled peacefully


Cultivate sunshine plants and watch them grow

Bottle up rainbow layers to share when it’s cold




In response to The Reverie Journal prompt/challenge to write something that is happy or positive.

Freefly (Wordle #48)

skydiving copy

Looking out the side window, every crack and crevice of the earth looked intimidating as they continued their ascent. This was ridiculous Tommy thought; as he masticated his decision and sought to justify his actions to keep from combusting, or even worse, backing out. After all, they agreed to jump together before taking the final plunge into marriage. Asana was Tommy’s accomplice and alliance in everything, so when the unfasten seatbelt signal chimed it was time to do or die. The pilot gave thumbs up indicating that they had reached the right altitude. Tommy double checked the straps on his leather harness and pulled on his goggles to protect his vision and then moved into a basic straddle position with his head, shoulders, hips and ankles in line with the earth below and exited the plane into an exhilarating free fall pivoting his body in 360-degree rotations before reaching speeds of 110 MPH as he flew through the turbulent air and life, head first.

In response to Wordle #48 – February 16, 2015, prompt by Mindlovemiserys’s.wordle-48-feb-16

Night Screams


Secrets are shrouded in the rising mist

Cool comfort is carried on breeze through trees

Drawing curious into make-believe

Where everything is apt past the abyss

Upon entry the tree limbs groan and hiss

Reality shifts to what you must see

Vast possibilities are conceived

Fantasyland provides your vital bliss

Captured deep in the hungry forest’s grip

You run and scream; yet you cannot escape

Caught up in the loose twines you do trip

Vines climb up your legs to wrap around your waist

Pulls you through leaves into the earth you slip

Further down into the nightmare embraced

In response to this week’s Picture it and Write.

Always Seeking


Often I search the sky for answers that seem to hide deep inside

Wondering if I’ll ever reach that place of contentment and true satisfaction

How will I know when I’ve found the simplistic truth and life’s meaning  

And will I recognize it when it’s within reach or will I let it slip into a breach

An endless battle and continual pursuit for something more, better and new  

Narcissistic ways presented on many days that end in sorrow and shame

Internal rage filled with hate and placing blame toward others

Distantly, I hear silent screams, but choose to turn away rather than stay