Painted Ladies

Glamorous it seems from the eyes of a young child taught to cover up ~ Accentuating their natural-born beauty artistically ~ Sashay Shante, Queens Sis’ of Perpetual Sin spreading awareness   Last week, I stumbled upon the below  site hosting weekly Haiku prompts, and thought fun. This week, I decided to give it a goContinue reading “Painted Ladies”


Navigating aquatic passageways Following the muted light rays Shining above the calm surface Breaking through with purpose Tangled in life’s painful ropes Restricting the breath of hope Sinking back into depths below Following channels that flow Emerging over and over again Frightened kids, we call men Struggling to swim upstream A daily occupational regime InContinue reading “Inhalation”

The Waiting

Charged for crimes she didn’t commit She refused to give up her only consent Holding strong to her innate dark magic Denying to use it as her defense was tragic Held captive beneath the earth’s vile floor Evil spilled each day seeping to the core It was a long tortuous penance she paid For theContinue reading “The Waiting”

Sunshine & Rainbows

Refining the process until it’s just right Building the future and making history By banning together with all our might Claiming a cause and action publicly   Sunshine today shines bright in the night Lighting up the space with our abilities To innovate and win the judicial fight Holding natural sources of electricity   CleverContinue reading “Sunshine & Rainbows”

Freefly (Wordle #48)

Looking out the side window, every crack and crevice of the earth looked intimidating as they continued their ascent. This was ridiculous Tommy thought; as he masticated his decision and sought to justify his actions to keep from combusting, or even worse, backing out. After all, they agreed to jump together before taking the finalContinue reading “Freefly (Wordle #48)”

Night Screams

Secrets are shrouded in the rising mist Cool comfort is carried on breeze through trees Drawing curious into make-believe Where everything is apt past the abyss Upon entry the tree limbs groan and hiss Reality shifts to what you must see Vast possibilities are conceived Fantasyland provides your vital bliss Captured deep in the hungryContinue reading “Night Screams”

Always Seeking

Often I search the sky for answers that seem to hide deep inside Wondering if I’ll ever reach that place of contentment and true satisfaction How will I know when I’ve found the simplistic truth and life’s meaning   And will I recognize it when it’s within reach or will I let it slip into aContinue reading “Always Seeking”

Dancing Flames ~ #FWF

  Sweltering days spent at the beach absorbing the heat Temperatures drop rapidly with the departing sun Nightfall gatherings around the shared campfire Partaking in song, sweets and drinks – all evening long Exhausted from the day’s extraneous play Hypnotized by the dancing flames and lapping waves Dragged under the sea for much-needed sleep Emerging sunContinue reading “Dancing Flames ~ #FWF”


Staring out into the emptiness of the night, all you see is the darkness that is mirrored in your heart. Yet, against the odds, you find the strength to hold onto the distant rhythm that beats for hope and keeps you moving.  The very beats that aid you against the demons that hide in wait, toContinue reading “Nirvana”

First Encounters

As soon as he entered the room Jana noticed. She always noticed, but never had the nerve to actually speak with him even though there were plenty on opportunities in the hall or in their sociology class. She knew that he never bothered with her because she was an average girl that didn’t really standoutContinue reading “First Encounters”

Summer Adventures

In every girls life; there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began.   “What do you want to do next?” Tony asked as they walked hand in hand along the wet sand. “Let’s climb across those rocks. I’ll race you to the end.” “No way. It’s too dangerous to raceContinue reading “Summer Adventures”

Healing Forces

    Red moon beams Mint aromatics release Gravel secretes the diseased Sing a soothing melody; bonds between moon, rocks, and leaves Unlucky universe eliminated through the unity of natural medicinal forces This piece was inspired by the lovely Author Kellie Elmore, who motivates her followers to write through a variety of prompts given every Friday.Continue reading “Healing Forces”

Their Presence Lingers

“This can’t be the house,” Rich said to Margaret, his girlfriend and photographer, with excitement in his voice as he exited the truck leaving her behind.  Margaret snatched the photo from the paperclip that secured it and held it out at an arm’s length, in front of her, to compare the image against the weatheredContinue reading “Their Presence Lingers”


In response to “Picture it and write,” this paragraph may contain mature concepts. With scored bloody hands clasped together, the three of them stood in a circle and repeated their chant. A chant to summons the power of a demon from below, one they believed they would control. Nearby, there was a deafening explosion. TheContinue reading “Summons”