Into Nothing

Last night, I looked out into the vast sea of darkness and saw a light off in the distance I stopped dead in my tracks and kept looking back with an overwhelming sense of dread Torn between advancing and relapsing; questioning to move forward or to remain in place      Clinging to the familiar fiendsContinue reading “Into Nothing”

Dancing Flames ~ #FWF

  Sweltering days spent at the beach absorbing the heat Temperatures drop rapidly with the departing sun Nightfall gatherings around the shared campfire Partaking in song, sweets and drinks – all evening long Exhausted from the day’s extraneous play Hypnotized by the dancing flames and lapping waves Dragged under the sea for much-needed sleep Emerging sunContinue reading “Dancing Flames ~ #FWF”

Snatched: Breaking Through the Surface

The sedatives coursing through Jane’s veins ran thin as she began to crawl toward the surface. Little by little she banged her head against the glaciers holding her deep under. Trapped in the frigid waters she fought frantically to reach the surface, feeling as if she was splitting her head wide open, right down theContinue reading “Snatched: Breaking Through the Surface”

First Encounters

As soon as he entered the room Jana noticed. She always noticed, but never had the nerve to actually speak with him even though there were plenty on opportunities in the hall or in their sociology class. She knew that he never bothered with her because she was an average girl that didn’t really standoutContinue reading “First Encounters”

Summer Adventures

In every girls life; there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began.   “What do you want to do next?” Tony asked as they walked hand in hand along the wet sand. “Let’s climb across those rocks. I’ll race you to the end.” “No way. It’s too dangerous to raceContinue reading “Summer Adventures”

“Let’s take a moonlight-stroll in the forest, while I share an ancient tale.”

  When Samantha saw the golden flecks shimmer to life in his eyes, her grin grew wider. To measure his reaction she boldly bit harder on her trapped bottom lip before releasing it to guide her tongue back and forth across the sensitive, swelling flesh.  A giggle escaped her, breaking the spell and brought DustinContinue reading ““Let’s take a moonlight-stroll in the forest, while I share an ancient tale.””