Is the money that cultivates greed
Are the lights when you hit them right
When he is brand new and doesn’t know better
That feeling on the top story, sailing on the ocean
The cool grass beneath my feet instead of concrete streets
Carpeted dreams on rolling hills chasing the sun into the horizon


Coming Home


When I feel like giving up, again

I want to fall into your arms

Where I know I’m safe from harm

As you hold me bound together


Picking up the tattered pieces

Providing me everything I need

Familiar comfort and stability

Allows me to breathe and succeed

A Walkabout

I want to bare my soles
With you and take a stroll
While holding on to your hand
To walk across the vast land

Soaking sun-rays as it tans
Leave footpaths in the sand
Sloughing away our worries
Walking without a hurry

Step over the grassy edge
Onto the lush, moist sedge
Cool healing gives relief
Through the beds of our feet

Climb the treacherous peaks
Knowing it could take weeks
Approaching it together
Despite the trying weather

Evening Glow

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Come with me for a little walk
Holding hands while we laugh and talk
Travel to the enchanted land
Lay a blanket out on the sand
Where we wait for the rising moon
Listen to her glorious tune
Splash a few fingers of whiskey
Starting to feel a bit frisky
Basking in the warm evening glow
Feeling it deep-down in our souls

Into Nothing

Light Last night, I looked out into the vast sea of darkness and saw a light off in the distance

I stopped dead in my tracks and kept looking back with an overwhelming sense of dread

Torn between advancing and relapsing; questioning to move forward or to remain in place     

Clinging to the familiar fiends buried within that prevent me from being seen or heard  

Realizing that something is missing, I fight a little harder to make a significant change – starting today

The light is so far away, yet I must be on my way and accept my fate before I fade away   


Dancing Flames ~ #FWF



Sweltering days spent at the beach absorbing the heat

Temperatures drop rapidly with the departing sun

Nightfall gatherings around the shared campfire

Partaking in song, sweets and drinks – all evening long

Exhausted from the day’s extraneous play

Hypnotized by the dancing flames and lapping waves

Dragged under the sea for much-needed sleep

Emerging sun and smoldering fires restores our power 


In response to Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday photo prompt.