Fall back! 🍂🕰🍁

It’s Sunday
I’m an hour behind
Now surprised
Turning back the hands of time
With caffeine and rhymes

In response to an open invitation to try a new form, Shadorma at: https://alongtheinterstice.wordpress.com/2017/11/05/one-of-those-days/



Chasing sun rays
That inevitably escape
At the end of each day

Soon darkness invades
Hurry run the other way
It’s not too late

Try and stay awake
Watching shadows play
Tricks as demons slay

Life Today

17 of 31 OctPoWriMo

What will tomorrow hold

Will there be stories told

May we grow a day old

Might we be called back home

No one ever seems to know

We hope for the very best

Everyday when we dress

Setting out on our quest

Feeling like we never rest

But today, we are blessed

Now is all that we can hold

Treat it like precious gold

A heirloom not to be sold


~Art found and created by: Paper Squirrel