With exuberance

Your everyday life
might not be paradise, and
that’s alright

When you come to realize
it may never be perfect, but
it’s always worth it

Enjoy the simple pleasures
protect your treasures, so
they last forever


Sunrises and sunsets
never have any regrets, which
we tend to forget

Stay snug as a bug
in the warmth of a hug that
radiates pure love

Sing and dance
Like it’s your second chance
by circumstance


Sweet Luxuries



Mind-blowing bubblegum kisses stretch across the distance
Streaking across the evening sky to dance before my eyes
Wrapped in raspberry blue purée at the end of the day
Surgery, sweet luxuries keep me moving my feet

There is always beauty to be seen, it’s our duty
To recognize by being open to simple meaning
Accepting each elated breath until wholly sated
Arranged magnificence without any extravagance