All you desiderate

Leave their resentments Far behind, pay them no mind As they each get in line To hate and waste your time Stay true to your commitments Seek and follow those ambitions Let your days smile and shine Upon simplicity, now that’s divine Balance, rhythm and rhymes aside It’s good to have another vision Give yourselfContinue reading “All you desiderate”

Haiku #303-306 (Sunday Mornings)

🌞 Silently we rise In our own time to witness Sunshine at day break ☕️ Sipping hot coffee Reflecting on the nights dream Sweet awakenings 🐕🚨 Quite stillness disturbed Dogs bark, alarms, motors blade All cut thru silence 🕛 Sunday morning slips Far away with household chores Proceeding noon’s break

My Cup Runneth Over

Sometimes I don’t even know When my cuppa life overflows With substance others can’t hold Until I am reminded and told By the envious eyes that behold The rich, sweetness that shows To those who lost control and let go Now standing naked and alone Wandering souls and haters exposed As I fill their cupsContinue reading “My Cup Runneth Over”

Game Day

A familiar score Belts The Star-Spangled Banner Jets soar above ~ A coin toss kicks off Bets with a fifty-fifty Popular wager ~ It’s the food and drinks Commercials and half-time shows Pools that I adore ~ Win or lose we choose To feed greedy appetites With our traditions ~Haiku string poem