Haiku #339

Hand picked for their pits

The so-called stone fruits give life

Through my daily pour

All you desiderate

Leave their resentments

Far behind, pay them no mind

As they each get in line

To hate and waste your time

Stay true to your commitments

Seek and follow those ambitions

Let your days smile and shine

Upon simplicity, now that’s divine

Balance, rhythm and rhymes aside

It’s good to have another vision

Give yourself the permission

To create a new set of conditions

Break free of all that confines

Running through your bloodline

They will wait on the sidelines

Game Day


A familiar score
Belts The Star-Spangled Banner
Jets soar above
A coin toss kicks off
Bets with a fifty-fifty
Popular wager
It’s the food and drinks
Commercials and half-time shows
Pools that I adore
Win or lose we choose
To feed greedy appetites
With our traditions

~Haiku string poem