Doomed bloom

Even the itsy bitsy spider Found himself tired and uninspired Climbing up that water-spout Just to be washed back out He gave it a lot of thought Before deciding to take off For an environment that inspires To feel a life full of blissful desire It was on a warm spring day He set outContinue reading “Doomed bloom”

Singing In The Rain 🌧 ☔️

The ominous clouds were swirling an’ whirling As we set out on this cold, dark dreary morning Winds howled out a treacherous warning All elements of nature urging us not to go Whether it was stubbornness that showed Our routine wouldn’t simply fold against the cold About halfway through we really knew The forecasts andContinue reading “Singing In The Rain 🌧 ☔️”


Even when you’re the subject of quarry There’s always two sides of a story Found deep in the canyon of thoughts Where you become disoriented and lost Adrenaline flows; lashing out in spite Fight or flight; from morning to night Two wrongs make it right; a logical fallacy Resulting in madness from the certainty AContinue reading “Caught”

Our Legacy

Forlorn is the spirit that does not have a home Within a beating heart of another to call its own Seeking permanent shelter the weary soul roams Through emotional turmoil heightened by alone Personal endeavors that drive strangers together Divine powers intercede to raise an eternal dynasty Creating strong family bonds that endure forever ValuesContinue reading “Our Legacy”

Unforeseen Sacrifices

Ripped apart at the seams Waking up to terrors screams A new day of possibilities Waiting to create realities There is always a paid price In the unforeseen sacrifices Handed out despite our faith Written upon destinies fate Life’s battles and deeper scars Show us the depth and how far We have come in aContinue reading “Unforeseen Sacrifices”

#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. III by Kelly Lewis

It was an honor to be invited to The Neighborhood’s stage to participate in an exciting anthology on Leadership & Authority. I rendered this poetic piece for the multi-edition performance. Please visit & follow the Public Bloggers page, drop your thoughts in the comment box, and catch the replays of the prior shows, and thenContinue reading “#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. III by Kelly Lewis”

Sunshine & Rainbows

Refining the process until it’s just right Building the future and making history By banning together with all our might Claiming a cause and action publicly   Sunshine today shines bright in the night Lighting up the space with our abilities To innovate and win the judicial fight Holding natural sources of electricity   CleverContinue reading “Sunshine & Rainbows”

Licentious Love Affair ~ A Duet for Mature Audience

Their eyes lock from across the smoke-filled room Red lips to her flute, she drains the champagne As she weaves through the crowd without restrain He knew her very soul he would consume   Making her way through the throng of costumes Bodies part, respecting her higher reign A closer look confirms the mark ofContinue reading “Licentious Love Affair ~ A Duet for Mature Audience”

Night Screams

Secrets are shrouded in the rising mist Cool comfort is carried on breeze through trees Drawing curious into make-believe Where everything is apt past the abyss Upon entry the tree limbs groan and hiss Reality shifts to what you must see Vast possibilities are conceived Fantasyland provides your vital bliss Captured deep in the hungryContinue reading “Night Screams”


28 of 31 OctPorWriMo When times are tough and it’s difficult to cope Living with wrenching hardships, loosing control All that’s left to do is hold on tight to hope   Struggling through the daily chores that take a toll Angst with meeting everyone else’s simple needs Disappointment and despair takes a strong hold  Continue reading “Hope”

Swim Out of Grey

16 of 31 OctPoWriMo         Robotic mundane ways lived out each day Going through the motions upon the tides Moves fluidly past life that slips and slides Before your eyes taking each blow in stride Drifting further away, cloaked in dark haze Losing sight of the shore, lost in the grey ForcedContinue reading “Swim Out of Grey”