Tool, groove

Do you use Touch ID
Fail to look at the people
In volatile city streets
Who have the courtesy
To greet another human being

When was the last time
You asked yourself
Or somebody else for that matter
A mad-hatter fact of anticipation
For the automatic response
Cause you could care not

Do you use the right knife
When you try to slice and dice
Into another’s life
Or do you use their truth
Against them like it’s a win
By handing them the noose in this make-believe
Let’s pretend that won’t ever give
Let alone – end


Hate Crimes – #Tanka

Towering over,
ill placed egos swell with pride
while victims cower

suffering from their birth rights
subject to fearful hate crimes

In response to weekly prompt (hate and pride) challenge #45 here:

Mother In Need



Dealing with the constant abuse

Making up worthless excuses

Day after day choosing to stay

Lacking the courage to walk away


Exploding under the cover of night

Defenseless against a crumpling strike

Past out cold from the solid blows

Awakens to see her children know


Discovering an internal strength

Holding tightly to her treasured faith

Flees with her children from the violence

Seeks shelters and holy spirit for guidance


Struggling a little less each and every day

Finally, beginning to see hope and a way

Satisfied, to sleep at ease through the night

Overwhelmed, by a generous surprise


Inspired by The Reverie Journal – Making Headlines Challenge, which was  to scour the news for inspiration. I decided to go with local news ABC7 Mother in Need and a heart warming story about a homeless mother of three who survived domestic abuse and was given a car with a trunk full of groceries.