Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem

The biting, crisp reminders Send shivers up my spine From that moment in time – A late December morning When the semi-cool breeze Had enough of record heat Gusting thru the Inland basin Pushing summer to an end Where we all could fall in love With winter once again Plan to ring the New YearContinue reading “Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem”


18 of 31 OctPoWriMo Headless Horseman riding by and things that go bump in the night After the children are safely tucked in bed their thoughts bring fright Lightning flashes outside electrifying a grey cloudless sky Lycanthropy neighbors change forms and are spied barking at the moon Old skeletons wandering down the streets in brokenContinue reading “Halloween”

Daylight Cheated ~ #OctPoWriMo 6 of 31

The loud sound of the tick Never ceases to stop Eyes glued to the moving clock Hearing the tickity-toc The birdie does a trick Someone please make it stop! Each day quickly slips by Time doesn’t seem to care Daylight treated so unfair Little to no time to spare Cheated out of the blue skyContinue reading “Daylight Cheated ~ #OctPoWriMo 6 of 31”


The fading autumn sun deprives our light supply Robbing us of needed warmth and its energy Standing in the dusk holding onto the memory As atmospheric beauty streaks across the sky Satisfying our hearts desire and need to survive   Thanks to Kellie Elmore’s FWF image prompt for inspiring this short piece.