Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem

The biting, crisp reminders
Send shivers up my spine
From that moment in time –
A late December morning

When the semi-cool breeze
Had enough of record heat
Gusting thru the Inland basin
Pushing summer to an end

Where we all could fall in love
With winter once again
Plan to ring the New Year in
Wearing our scarfs & gloves

Making spring time resolutions
An intoxicating mix of absolutions



Shedding winters coat
Sowing seeds on bare shoulders

Abundant seasonal growth
With organic antidotes


Awaiting color
To crop under warming sun
With splashes of hope

Time sprung in forward thinking
Full of possibilities


18 of 31 OctPoWriMo

Headless Horseman riding by and things that go bump in the night
After the children are safely tucked in bed their thoughts bring fright
Lightning flashes outside electrifying a grey cloudless sky
Lycanthropy neighbors change forms and are spied barking at the moon
Old skeletons wandering down the streets in broken pieces
Witches brew magic in the cauldron and chant incantations
Earth rotten zombies gathered on the front porch trying to get in
Evil laughter from the Vampire on the corner that licks his lips
Nightmares are well and alive before the child closes his eyes