A Familiar Melody – #Tanka

I look and listen
For all that I’ve been missing
In your attentions

That speaks so eloquently
and comforts soft parts of me


My Knight


I will always reach out for you
When I’m either happy or sad
Because you see me through
Though I know I drive you mad

Pull me close and hug me tight
Wrap your arms around me right
Hold on to assuage all my cares
Feel the real moments we share

Whisked away to secluded Eden
The sacred strength of my knight
Doesn’t need rhymes or reason
My well-being is his life’s plight

Protecting against the seasons
He’s never defeated in loves fight

Filled With Glee


I do remember when it use to be
Something special between you and me
But over time we forgot how to clearly see
The beauty held in our hands that’s wild and free
To come and go and do exactly as we very well please
Cause it is our universe now, and we hold all of the keys
Opening new adventures on the road to life’s shopping spree
Capturing special moments in a mason jar filled with personal glee

This I Know


imageHe loves me
Not for my silly socks
Or blonde golden locks
He loves me
For my view on life
How I take it in stride
He loves me
Not for meals prepared
Or the sexy underwear
He loves me
For who I am inside
Discovered over time
He loves me
Not for financial stability
Or amazing flexibility
He love me
For my simplicity
Natural synchronicity
He love me
Not for my insecurities
Or sanctified purity
He loves me