2018-1-3 #Senyru

My resolution’s
To find lasting solutions
Without illusions


31 Days of Blogging

I feel compelled to confess… many things, actually. Honestly, I didn’t expect much to emerge from this blog except to have a little cyber space of my own to motivate me and grant me the permission I needed to set aside my dedication to work and domestic responsibilities before they sucked every last bit of life out leaving nothing left behind.  Now, I realize I was quite selfish when starting this blog endeavor, and so what? It was my New Year’s resolution, not yours.  The first week went swimmingly well, but on the second week I was losing my resolve fast, and I was a bit lost and confused, so I started poking my nose into other people’s business and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I discovered a brand new world of talented people with similar aspirations that I never really knew existed, at least not on this magnitude.  The more posts I read, the more nuggets of wisdom, inspiration and enjoyment I found.  The poetry, short stories, personal journals were all fascinating pieces of work, and I could browse all of this great content at no cost, wow – why didn’t anyone tell me this! Now, I look at others and their work with a newfound appreciation and a bit of envy at times. Also, I’ve discovered I’m a stat slut (naturally, size does matter) and there is no getting beyond that because I’m exhilarated every time I see the numbers grow before my eyes.  Moreover, I am honored and thrilled to have your readership.  Your support, follows, likes and comments have provided a bounty beyond compare that fills me up with the courage and determination to continue with what feels right, and that is to simply write something everyday. May our muses continue be amused and embrace as they dance face to face and whisper the words we long to hear.