It’s as easy as A B C

When I’m struggling to see All the happiness you bring Best harness that energy Then focus it solely on me Let’s see if I can make it easy When you know the notes to sing You can sing most anything It’s like A B C and do re mi Do you get what that meansContinue reading “It’s as easy as A B C”

Heartbreaking 💔 #Poem

Strange, it’s literally aching This heart that’s breaking The pressure on my chest Barely lets me catch a breath This thick lump in my throat Won’t go, as eyes overflow It feels worse than death Not knowing what to expect I haven’t given you up yet There’s still a few more tests As I wallowContinue reading “Heartbreaking 💔 #Poem”

🎁 Gifts exchanged

Come sit with me awhile Share that warm, radiant smile Let’s exchange our best gifts On the times we’ve spent The stockings are overflowing With luxuries of knowing Stuffed full with the memories Of which you’ve given plenty The present’s perfectly wrapped With a bow, as matter of fact Holding our surprises together To cherishContinue reading “🎁 Gifts exchanged”