Singing In The Rain 🌧 ☔️

The ominous clouds were swirling an’ whirling As we set out on this cold, dark dreary morning Winds howled out a treacherous warning All elements of nature urging us not to go Whether it was stubbornness that showed Our routine wouldn’t simply fold against the cold About halfway through we really knew The forecasts andContinue reading “Singing In The Rain 🌧 ☔️”

The Chill

Ominous clouds roll Inland from the Pacific Paralyzing Californians ~ Falling from the sky Forcing rock, land and mud slides Destruction arrived ~ Flash flood alerts ignored Stupidity observed on TV Doesn’t surprise me ~ Luxury of warmth Remains safe and sound indoors Sipping hot coffee ~ Mother Nature reigns Providing the drought relief DesperatelyContinue reading “The Chill”