Unity ~ #Poem

Seize the moments of opportunity

Those that arrive few and far in between 

Our time and space knows no immunity 

Seize the moments of opportunity

Discover power ending with unity 

The possibilities yet to be seen

Seize the moments of opportunity 

Those that arrive few and far in between

Written in response to an IG prompt that called for a Triolet poem, which I haven’t done in a looooong while, so this was my response. 


The black coffee mug

Sitting here in the back row
Watching and waiting as events unfold 
Anticipating the wild stories yet to be told
Wondering if the cup is growing mold

The thought of smelling a cup
That everyone’s already touched
Triggers a compulsive tinge of disgust 
But who am I to put up a fuss

Live show & tell writing prompt while at the California Writers’s club meeting. 

2 for 1 ~ #Cinquain #Poem

Toppings until it cloaks
Those croaking, four-legged toads up
For sale

Wow what do you know, two weeks in a row…I’m on a roll to where nobody knows. Thanks for stopping in, and if you want to join in the fun check out the details here:

Colleen Chesebro’s weekly prompt!