The black coffee mug

Sitting here in the back row Watching and waiting as events unfold  Anticipating the wild stories yet to be told Wondering if the cup is growing mold The thought of smelling a cup That everyone’s already touched Triggers a compulsive tinge of disgust  But who am I to put up a fuss –Live show & tellContinue reading “The black coffee mug”

2 for 1 ~ #Cinquain #Poem

Drizzle Chocolaty Toppings until it cloaks Those croaking, four-legged toads up For sale Wow what do you know, two weeks in a row…I’m on a roll to where nobody knows. Thanks for stopping in, and if you want to join in the fun check out the details here: Colleen Chesebro’s weekly prompt!

Indiscriminately ~ #Tanka #Poem

Sultry wind danced To melodic fluttering With all of the leaves Every shape, size and color Tangoed together at once Oh yes, a prompt with an extra twist – sponsored by Colleen Chesebro at:

Classic Seasons Greetings ~ #Tanka #wordprompt

Drapes of winter snow Layered upon the horizon A picturesque warmth Radiates next to firey hearth Sun is shining, weather’s sweet -In response to word prompts over at:

Gone Fishing 🎣 # Haiku #Tanka

A gentle lapping Breaks daily monotony Against calm lakeshore – Haiku A gentle lapping Breaks daily monotony Against calm lakeshore Vacation hooked and baited Nature’s wild, a peaceful feast – Tanka   In response to Ronovan Writes – Haiku challenge #171 using the words = Lake & Calm.

The Mountain – (a Duet) Finish it Friday

Written by; Robert Louis Covington (Italics) & Kelly Lewis Calming beauty and mystery Circling valleys with majesty I call upon thee greenery Shifting mantels of prosperity To fill me with your serenity – A “Finish it Friday” prompt from the Inlandia Institute featuring fellow IECWC member Robert Louis Covington’s piece ‘The Mountain’

Hate Crimes – #Tanka

Towering over, ill placed egos swell with pride while victims cower suffering from their birth rights subject to fearful hate crimes In response to weekly prompt (hate and pride) challenge #45 here:

Painted Ladies

Glamorous it seems from the eyes of a young child taught to cover up ~ Accentuating their natural-born beauty artistically ~ Sashay Shante, Queens Sis’ of Perpetual Sin spreading awareness   Last week, I stumbled upon the below  site hosting weekly Haiku prompts, and thought fun. This week, I decided to give it a goContinue reading “Painted Ladies”

Salon Saloon

She tries to greet every patron With a smile of appreciation Masking the standing situation Of how badly her feet are aching Instead she thinks of her creations And an upcoming vacation It’s Friday afternoon Every seat in the room is nearly taken Rows of women line the floor Manning their stations Mixing obnoxious concoctionsContinue reading “Salon Saloon”

The Fighter

When vile negativity gets the best of me Hesitation and doubt damages inner peace I try to ward it off, yet I can’t make it stop It’s a mental lock that blocks all my thoughts Pinning me down against the cold, hard ground Think! The bell sounds, I ready for another round Stronger than before,Continue reading “The Fighter”