Defensive Posture

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Roaming the terrain
Looking for a new domain
Battling for the claim

Successor-ship and respect
Until overturned and checked

-Tanka Poem


Levels of Crazy


It never ceases to amaze me
How many levels there are to crazy
When you stand back and look
You realize it’s not a fictional book

Memoirs at fingertips, waiting
All the while I’m here anticipating
The backlash that has me debating
If the truth is even worth saying

The Who, when, where and why
Changed to protect innocent lives
From the incriminating evidence
To keep from being that elephant

Democracy Hypocrisy

What happened to equality
The gender neutral normalcy
That thrived on democracy

We fought to have a vote
Now we can’t support our own
Where did women’s rights go

Like a pendulum you swing
Destroying everything
We have built, it’s belittling

You need to shut your trap
If you give this to that man
This nation will soon collapse

Bullshit Factor

If you don’t tell them
What they want to hear
They will never listen
To you, soft-spoken dear

You have to get in
Plant a bug in their ear
So they really hear you
Come in loud and clear

Once you begin to speak
The language they need
Appealing to their greed
You will pick up speed

Then while you have them
Turn up the bullshit factor
You’ll have to be an actor
If you want things faster