March 8, 2020

We have this day, International Women’s DayYet in many ways, we remain chainedStill fighting for gender equality of our ownOutside of primary caretakers in the home Fastened to ridiculous ideological beliefsOur unwritten bylaws objecting power seatsThe rest in the world has had proven successUS fails precedence to elect a woman president

Let’s hope for…

The individual courage To drive back the darkness That allows the hate to flourish In the hearts of empathetic carcass’s The human connections To bring us back to the basics That built a strong nation on diversity In the land of dreams, which made us famous The new representatives To restore humanity and decency ThatContinue reading “Let’s hope for…”

Tool, groove

Do you use Touch ID Fail to look at the people In volatile city streets Who have the courtesy To greet another human being When was the last time You asked yourself Or somebody else for that matter A mad-hatter fact of anticipation For the automatic response Cause you could care not Do you useContinue reading “Tool, groove”

News Update ~ #Haiku string

I do wish I cared More about our world affairs Let’s play truth or dare   Truth of the matter I care enough that it’s tough Watching the corrupt Dare I say we’re split Between democracy and Lost humanity Our nation is great The people have what it takes So why do we wait WeContinue reading “News Update ~ #Haiku string”

Levels of Crazy

  It never ceases to amaze me How many levels there are to crazy When you stand back and look You realize it’s not a fictional book Memoirs at fingertips, waiting All the while I’m here anticipating The backlash that has me debating If the truth is even worth saying The Who, when, where andContinue reading “Levels of Crazy”

Democracy Hypocrisy

What happened to equality The gender neutral normalcy That thrived on democracy We fought to have a vote Now we can’t support our own Where did women’s rights go Like a pendulum you swing Destroying everything We have built, it’s belittling You need to shut your trap If you give this to that man ThisContinue reading “Democracy Hypocrisy”