Doodle Model 🐩🐕 ~ #Haiku

I’ve taken hundreds
Of pictures of my new pup
In less than two months


Walk with me (Pics+ Haikus)

Wildflowers abound
Roaming the outskirts of town
Thriving without sound
Dotting the landscape
Of California terrain
Cheering up my day

If anyone knows what that last one is please enlighten me.


In response to “Picture it and write,” this paragraph may contain mature concepts.

With scored bloody hands clasped together, the three of them stood in a circle and repeated their chant. A chant to summons the power of a demon from below, one they believed they would control. Nearby, there was a deafening explosion. The surface erupted emitting sounds of a jumbo jet.  Amongst the gases and debris polluting the earth, evil creatures escaped to roam.