Defensive Posture

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Roaming the terrain
Looking for a new domain
Battling for the claim

Successor-ship and respect
Until overturned and checked

-Tanka Poem


Predator of The Night


Crawling along your spine
It’s only a matter of time
The nights howling wind
Calls to the beast within
Under the eclipsed moon
Shape shifting will begin
Shredded clothing strewn
A shocking transformation
Beyond wild imagination
The hunger pangs persist
Impulses won’t be denied
Sleek predator of the night
Keen senses easily guide
Salivating for the first bite
Stalking through the streets
Hunting human flesh to eat
Now, he’s got you in sight
You can’t run for your life

Let’s Play

All she wanted was a friend
Somebody that would play
To assuage isolated days
Yet everybody just ran away
Rousing evil living within
Now, she plays with her prey

Hair drapes a hideous face
Victims bashed with heavy lead
In the head, but not for dead
There’s a night of play ahead
Limp bodies towed to her place
Blood trails marking a field red

Chained at the end of the hall
With each swing the evil swells
Dreadful weeps turn into yells
Sufferings’ beg and plead help
Plasma drips from every wall
Malicious spirits rise from hell

Mirror, Mirror…

Art by Bruno Wagner

Art by Bruno Wagner

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Why must you be so cruel?

Didn’t I play by all the rules?

This can’t be me that I see

Gone is the girl I use to be

When did I get to be so old?

I did exactly as I was told

Stayed out of the aging sun

While others were having fun

Developed good daily habits

Except I couldn’t eat like a rabbit

But still, I did my very best

Took care and got plenty of rest

Stop playing these games with me

Give me back the girl I use to be!

-Repost from 2014. As the days roll quickly toward another number on life’s odometer I can’t help but wonder what the future holds.

Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)


There once was a girl who wandered deep into the forest and discovered a clearing covered with black scorched rocks that glistened under the harsh sun like brilliant onyx gems. Beyond the jagged rocks she spotted what appeared to be the mouth of cave. Curious, the girl slung her sack full of books and snacks over her back, and carefully treaded across the sharp rocks to take a closer look. As she peered into the darkness she saw a faint light at the rear of the cave. Cupping her hands around her mouth she called out in to the darkness, “Hello, is there anyone there?” Her small voice echoed back ricocheting off the walls, so she ventured to take a few steps forward and breached the cave’s entrance and confronted with blinding white heat across her face accompanied with a roar, “Who dares to enter my lair!” Stumbling backward she swallowed the hard lump of fear lodge in her throat and said, “Elizabeth, I don’t mean you any harm.” The harmonious sound of her voice dumfounded the dragon and gave the dragon and dissolved his killer instincts. The dragon asked, “What do you want here?” to which her response was immediate, “Friendship, that is all.” The dragon sat in silence and did not know what to make of this unusual and bold girl. He avoided humans and didn’t trust their vile ways, but something was telling him that this girl was different. Intrigued, he called upon his magic to change forms and presented himself as young man to inspect this brave human creature. Only, his magic hadn’t been used in centuries and he failed to veil all of his features. “What is your name?” Darmith asked as he stepped into view. The girl was rendered speechless for the first time in her life by what stepped out, she had never seen or read anything like what stood before her.dragon



Depleted, Nixie collapsed in the middle of the road while taking an evening stroll. She enjoyed the California heat, sunshine, and palm trees that swayed, but living in the desert took its toll leaving the land and water sprite dehydrated. Forcing the gods to pour down and revive them both.

*A fifty-word story for this week’s Picture it and write