I’m tired of being a slave to the fat
Its weight always holding me back
Consequently, I am taking this path
Hoping to find my freedom at last
As I  get my health back on track
Leaving nothing in life to chance



What goes up, must come down


It’s not a race, so set your own pace
One step at a time, choose your days
All I need is once or twice a week
To know that I will begin to achieve
Again, and then go to places I forgot
Wondering why it was I ever stopped
These aren’t the prettiest city views
But these hills will do and get used
Going up makes every muscle yell
Coming down is scarier than hell


Springtime is coming


I got real dirty
Spring is in a big hurry
Day spent gardening

New color splashes
Greenery, white and purple
Simple extravagance

Sago palms center
Of attention cornering
Both ends for balance

Fertilized the dormant
Bulbs giving Fire Dancers hope
For annual show

Oh my aching back
The tomatoes have to wait
It’s time to relax


A Walkabout

I want to bare my soles
With you and take a stroll
While holding on to your hand
To walk across the vast land

Soaking sun-rays as it tans
Leave footpaths in the sand
Sloughing away our worries
Walking without a hurry

Step over the grassy edge
Onto the lush, moist sedge
Cool healing gives relief
Through the beds of our feet

Climb the treacherous peaks
Knowing it could take weeks
Approaching it together
Despite the trying weather




It’s not a feeling of sadness

It invokes a pure gladness

In dazzling crystalline hues

It provides clarity to views


Blue doesn’t bring you down

It’s the menacing grey clouds

That weighs heavily up above

Always pushing with a shove


Tears spill over like raindrops

At times it’s difficult to stop

But when the clouds dissipate

It’s true happiness to anticipate


~I heard a helicopter flying by (see it?) this morning, so I stepped outside and was gripped by the brilliant blue sky.


Gone Hiking

29 of 31 OctPoWriMo

Sunshine and fresh air
Scenic wilderness hiking
Trails lead the way up
Dirt crusted earth breathes with life
Trees stand strong and tall with me

Cooling autumn breeze
Absorbing pure oxygen
Kisses on my skin
Revitalizing organs
Lifting suffering spirits