Lightning Strikes

OctPoWriMo 8 of 31 Mother Nature takes the stage Waves surge in a fit of rage Perfectly clear blue skies Yet lightning does strike Claiming a young life Unbelievable strife *** I took this picture from Venice Beach, and off in the distance I saw emergency crew gathering as I was packing up to leave.Continue reading “Lightning Strikes”

Magickal Enlightened Mutation ~ #OctPoWriMo 7 of 31

Magickal Mother moon illuminates Beauty seen in every phase Let’s praise and communicate Enlightened Basking in the evening glow Deep in the woodlands we’ll roam In our home, no need for show  Mutation Hereditary brilliance Superb strength and survival Feared rival of resilience

City Streets ~ #OctPoWriMo 3 of 31

Secrets roam our city streets No one really wants to know Unfortunate stories go untold Struggling to meet basic needs Stands on corners just to eat Holding up a feeble sign Hoping that someone will be kind Unable to beat the scorching heat Countless people pass on by Pretending as if they’re not there AllContinue reading “City Streets ~ #OctPoWriMo 3 of 31”

Shattered ~ #OctPoWriMo 2 of 31

Using her hands as a weapon Fingernails dig within curled fists Smashing the hated reflection  ~ Shattered mirror on the floor Glimmering in the rays of light Dazed and shaken to the core ~ Retrieves the broken pieces Gripped by jagged misery Revulsion slowly releases ~ Begins to see hidden splendor Imbedded in shards ofContinue reading “Shattered ~ #OctPoWriMo 2 of 31”

Reunited ~ #OctPoWriMo 1 of 31

Seasons will certainly change in a haze People will need to part their own ways Separated by time and distance Engaged in personal commitments Never forgotten over prolonged days Persistent like the cool autumn breeze Covering ground and dancing in the trees True friends reunite and share some wine Laughing and reminiscing of good timesContinue reading “Reunited ~ #OctPoWriMo 1 of 31”