The falcon soars

I hear the drums beat
In the heat of the city streets
The sounds of world flutes
Fluttering  curtains and leaves
Of the tall oak tree
Out the window of my room
A native chant calls with every flap
Carried upon a falcons back
Reminding me to look and see
Find the inner peace
That elevates me


Serenity Found


She set out to cross the country
Over treacherous mountain ranges
With a manageable, steady gait
Covered over thirty miles each day
Till she found her final destination
A serene place she wanted to stay

Climbing up to the plateaus edge
Pictured the view and took a look
Clean, untouched forest for a den
Padded to a nearby babbling brook
Forepaws sunk in cool, wet earth
Thirst abated, a joyous pelt shook