Doomed bloom

Even the itsy bitsy spider Found himself tired and uninspired Climbing up that water-spout Just to be washed back out He gave it a lot of thought Before deciding to take off For an environment that inspires To feel a life full of blissful desire It was on a warm spring day He set outContinue reading “Doomed bloom”


Her thorns are a mystery each a sweetbrier of history With roots running deep there’s strength in her beliefs She reaches for the sky no rhymes or reasons to justify Thriving in a cold world fighting for space to unfurl Bestowed by unique beauty I find myself beguilingly on duty Barren of emotional leaves yetContinue reading “Floss-silk”

Serenity Found

She set out to cross the country Over treacherous mountain ranges With a manageable, steady gait Covered over thirty miles each day Till she found her final destination A serene place she wanted to stay Climbing up to the plateaus edge Pictured the view and took a look Clean, untouched forest for a den PaddedContinue reading “Serenity Found”