Tool, groove

Do you use Touch ID
Fail to look at the people
In volatile city streets
Who have the courtesy
To greet another human being

When was the last time
You asked yourself
Or somebody else for that matter
A mad-hatter fact of anticipation
For the automatic response
Cause you could care not

Do you use the right knife
When you try to slice and dice
Into another’s life
Or do you use their truth
Against them like it’s a win
By handing them the noose in this make-believe
Let’s pretend that won’t ever give
Let alone – end


Turn it up ~ 👂🎶🎧 Tanka #Poem

Life is a struggle
There will always be trouble
Sometimes, it doubles

Put your iPod on shuffle
Until that noise is muffled


A Familiar Melody – #Tanka

I look and listen
For all that I’ve been missing
In your attentions

That speaks so eloquently
and comforts soft parts of me


Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all of the dedicated mothers and the nurturing women (and men) who help take care of the children and know it takes a village, a peaceful and relaxing day!



Breathe In Love, Happy V-Day!

Let us give and take
Remember, it’s an exchange
There’s only one way
To love not hate, everyday
United we’ll find a way


Merry Christmas

The presents are all wrapped
It comes and goes in a flash
Freeze it in a frame, so it lasts
Remember to enjoy and laugh
You can always take stuff back
Live in the holy spirit of giving
Let go of the heavy misgivings
Tis the season for love, forgiving
Lighten up to joyous beginnings
Don’t worry be happy, in singing