Sounds Move me I play them Repeatedly Creating new and lasting memories To carry me through tragedy and grief Sweet melodies Release my Tensions Free   ~Tetractys   I’d like to thank Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for introducing this new poetry form through a challenge!  There’s something for everyone, so go visit their site for inspiration.

Steve’s Music Mix Challenge

I discovered Steve’s weekly music challenge  via suzie81 post this morning and I wanted to play. This was a fun way to shake off the stress of the workday.  Admittedly, I do not have much music stored on the cloud or my iPhone, so keep this in mind when you get to the results.  My randomness wasContinue reading “Steve’s Music Mix Challenge”

Justice and Mating Collides: Saturday Night Special (snippet)

He double-checked his list to make sure everything was covered and nothing forgotten. Satisfied with his preparations, he decided it was time to go pick up his date. He slid into the ebony leather seat of his Santorini black metallic Land Rover LR4. He pulled out his CD case, found Santana’s Supernatural, and popped itContinue reading “Justice and Mating Collides: Saturday Night Special (snippet)”

Hurry – Free U2 Music and fight AIDS

In case you missed it or were too inebriated when announced, U2 released their new single “Invisible,” and it’s free for Download and for every download Bank of America is donating $1 toward RED to fight AIDS.   Hurry though you only have until 11:59 EST. Check it out it’s pretty cool and for aContinue reading “Hurry – Free U2 Music and fight AIDS”

Sting: Checks Box Off Musical Bucket List

At the risk of exposing my age, I must say that I’m very excited to see this man perform live with Paul Simon (bonus) next month. It’s going to be a magical! There are so many incredible songs that I grew up loving, here are a few favs: Brand New Day, Fields of Gold, EveryContinue reading “Sting: Checks Box Off Musical Bucket List”