Even when you’re the subject of quarry
There’s always two sides of a story
Found deep in the canyon of thoughts
Where you become disoriented and lost

Adrenaline flows; lashing out in spite
Fight or flight; from morning to night
Two wrongs make it right; a logical fallacy
Resulting in madness from the certainty

A rockslide of emotion caused by failure
Gives way to a notion belonging to nature
Taking its course thru silent destruction
Alienation serves as soul survival function

The luck you’ve got, know it’s not for naught
Between the sun & moon you find yourself caught

Divesting Troubles

Without fail, she calls out every night
Beckoning with her powerful light
Shining brightly in the vast black sky
Beholding beauty reflected in your eyes


Standing out amongst a galaxy of stars
She always finds you and is never too far
To hear the many prayers of her children
Sustained by her sister, Mother Earth


Each night she listens to prayers of worth
Provides her blessing to those who deserve
Summoning the wilderness creatures to sing
Melodies of the night for the peace they bring


Divesting you of difficulties, illness and battles
Crying wind carries the burden of your troubles
Out to the cleansing sea to be washed away
Leaving all of her children bathed for a new day

Evening Glow

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Come with me for a little walk
Holding hands while we laugh and talk
Travel to the enchanted land
Lay a blanket out on the sand
Where we wait for the rising moon
Listen to her glorious tune
Splash a few fingers of whiskey
Starting to feel a bit frisky
Basking in the warm evening glow
Feeling it deep-down in our souls