I can’t staunch these tears that flow Heavy, my head is held to the pillow Staring out, through a sunny window It was you, there from the ground Who always lifted me up when down Now it’s just emptiness with no sound That clickety-clack tap against tiles Rushing down the hall to bring me smilesContinue reading “Monkeyface”

Passing Through

Welcoming every day With dignity and grace Favoring to wear a smile Lighting up the cold space Sharing a simple journey With dedicated purpose Living by commandments A truly exquisite person Occurrence here on earth In our individual forms Is imperfect, yet precious Family and friends adorn Carrying out a mission Singing for his gloryContinue reading “Passing Through”

The Broken Circle Breakdown

E is also for… Emotional turmoil. The Broken Circle Breakdown You have got to watch this powerhouse foreign language film! This is jammed packed with emotional turmoil about love, life, and devastating loss. It made me smile, laugh, desire, and incredibly sad all at once.   There was a constant lump stuck in my throat with tearsContinue reading “The Broken Circle Breakdown”