Art by: Karina Llergo – Like air I’ll rise

When you throw caution
To the wind then breathe it in
You are bound to live

-Haiku poem


My Cup Runneth Over

Sometimes I don’t even know
When my cuppa life overflows
With substance others can’t hold
Until I am reminded and told

By the envious eyes that behold
The rich, sweetness that shows
To those who lost control and let go
Now standing naked and alone

Wandering souls and haters exposed
As I fill their cups with a bounty of hope


Once again
I find myself standing
Looking in to admire
Her inner beauty
Illuminating everything
That’s classically hidden
Behind a sturdy exterior
Made of steel

I begin to reflect
On polished effects
Side-by-side, sinking
As temperatures rise
She remains cool
As a cucumber inside
Protecting my food


…and then there’s mine ❤️ Full of everyday condiments you gotta have.