March 8, 2020

We have this day, International Women’s DayYet in many ways, we remain chainedStill fighting for gender equality of our ownOutside of primary caretakers in the home Fastened to ridiculous ideological beliefsOur unwritten bylaws objecting power seatsThe rest in the world has had proven successUS fails precedence to elect a woman president

All you desiderate

Leave their resentments Far behind, pay them no mind As they each get in line To hate and waste your time Stay true to your commitments Seek and follow those ambitions Let your days smile and shine Upon simplicity, now that’s divine Balance, rhythm and rhymes aside It’s good to have another vision Give yourselfContinue reading “All you desiderate”

#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. III by Kelly Lewis

It was an honor to be invited to The Neighborhood’s stage to participate in an exciting anthology on Leadership & Authority. I rendered this poetic piece for the multi-edition performance. Please visit & follow the Public Bloggers page, drop your thoughts in the comment box, and catch the replays of the prior shows, and thenContinue reading “#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. III by Kelly Lewis”