Ruffin’ it

If only we could be happy
as dogs chewing
on hair ties, and everything else
it decides to try

Under this great, big blue sky
without asking what or why
learning, always learning
wrong from right

Merrily going through life
with your humans at your side
knowing it’d be all right
as you lounged tonight



My new pup is on IG:  @remy_tails



Are You (really) Ready?

If you haven’t already, it’s time to face the social media frenzy head-on if you plan to survive. The statistics presented in this video by Erik Qualman, is both mind-blowing and alarming. Just because you blog and have a Facebook and/or Twitter account doesn’t mean that you are ready or adequately prepared. In fact, you could be hurting yourself and not even know it.  I thought I was ready because I had established timely accounts on the most popular sites, which was more than some of my colleagues – GO ME! However, I was smacked down, and in the face no less, with disgrace because some of my digital activities were not palatable by the whole wide world. For me, it feels like a complete invasion of privacy and I’d really like to give the judgmental whole wide world the middle finger, and say screw you. But the reality is that’s not possible; if I want to survive. Therefore, I work (hard) to clean up my act, reign in my beliefs, tone down the vulgarity, and moderate my opinions where and when applicable, OK where and when possible, all in a effort to build a “Brand” that I can live with, and the world can swallow.