A present of presence ~ #Tanka #Poem

When I find myself
Lost in your admiration
My doubts disappear

Fading into the background
A lifetime of assurance


Context ~ #Poem

Clouds of the sky
Seem to wash over me
Like the waves of the sea
There’s more than meets the eye

It’s about perspective
We each hold onto our own
A set of beliefs on what’s known
Other possibilities & opinions rejected

Some naive, others easily deceived
Turned around and up side down
We rise with the tide or break ground
Limiting capacity & willingness to receive

Based on what we know and believe
Along with experiences, we all perceive

“Create something that will make the world awesome!”

Too good not to share….

As if that wasn’t enough, this kids story is short of miraculous and inspiring. Take a look at the behind the scenes.

If you’re 1 of the 43,000,000 previous viewers you could’ve shared this with me earlier you know, but I ain’t mad atcha.

Moving Forward ~ #Poem

Sometimes you have to start over
To appreciate what you once had
In order to get everything back
While learning to move boulders

Resist temptations of let’s pretend
Sweep expectations under the rug
Stuff fears in the closet with a shove
Organize thoughts into neat little bins

Although they’re my burdens to carry
I’d rather leave em dead and buried
To deal with hauntings over my shoulder
As a soldier, constantly moving forward

Never really looking ahead, nor back
Caught by surprise, at the time of attack
Fighting the panic cause I’ll handle it
With support & dedication that never quits