Isolationists ~ #Senryu #poems

Mentally exhaustedWe’re physically neglectedIn this together Passing by the timeFollowing the WHO’s biddingFlattening the line RediscoveringA humanitarian’sGenerosity Within our dwellingsOpportunities awaitMake the best of it Let’s get reacquaintedTurn this to our advantageClean out the closets Inspired by Colleen’s 2020 Weekly challenge No. 172, #Poet’sChoice and I spring-boarded from Ritu’s relatable poetry submission.

Doomed bloom

Even the itsy bitsy spider Found himself tired and uninspired Climbing up that water-spout Just to be washed back out He gave it a lot of thought Before deciding to take off For an environment that inspires To feel a life full of blissful desire It was on a warm spring day He set outContinue reading “Doomed bloom”

Super Bloom 💐 🦋

On my paid commute I’ve seen it a time or two The California “Super Bloom” I’ve even been blindsided By the breathtaking migrants Causing an array of excitement Enthralled by the views (and news) Billions of butterflies & touristy pursuits I took this lousy picture for you

💩 Calling all crappy poets… #poem

There’s this Kamikaze who flew over me For a suicidal crash landing on my poetry The arrogant, ignorance was a sight to see As such, I snapped it like a paparazzi For the whole damn world to read As a means to an end of everything Hiding behind the safety of touch screens Lacking theContinue reading “💩 Calling all crappy poets… #poem”

The black coffee mug

Sitting here in the back row Watching and waiting as events unfold  Anticipating the wild stories yet to be told Wondering if the cup is growing mold The thought of smelling a cup That everyone’s already touched Triggers a compulsive tinge of disgust  But who am I to put up a fuss –Live show & tellContinue reading “The black coffee mug”