On Broadway

It’s not a premonition To see the day-to-day Of your life on the stage Adapted in a screenplay Lines read in repetition Today, tomorrow and yesterday By those with ambitions Remembering juxtapositions Collecting tickets of admission For quarters of commission In a quotidian disarray Funded by the politicians Made up by the beauticians All ofContinue reading “On Broadway”

Predator of The Night

Crawling along your spine It’s only a matter of time The nights howling wind Calls to the beast within Under the eclipsed moon Shape shifting will begin Shredded clothing strewn A shocking transformation Beyond wild imagination The hunger pangs persist Impulses won’t be denied Sleek predator of the night Keen senses easily guide Salivating forContinue reading “Predator of The Night”

Mirror, Mirror… – pt.ii

Mirror, Mirror…pt. 1 Somebody please tell me, I wanna know. Where did all the years escape and go? I thought time was supposed to slow. I can’t really be forty-five years OLD! There’s no way, it doesn’t seem right But I’ve checked the math a dozen times Looked in the mirror where I saw theContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror… – pt.ii”

One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

All of these feelings Are trapped against the ceiling Holding my love within a noose Under humility’s roof Folded within a paper house Sealed forever in doubts Right out of the Victorian era Shrouded in night terrors A tale thousand times told You know how the story goes Table tops and book covers Nestled inContinue reading “One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling”

Let’s Play

All she wanted was a friend Somebody that would play To assuage isolated days Yet everybody just ran away Rousing evil living within Now, she plays with her prey Hair drapes a hideous face Victims bashed with heavy lead In the head, but not for dead There’s a night of play ahead Limp bodies towedContinue reading “Let’s Play”

Unforeseen Sacrifices

Ripped apart at the seams Waking up to terrors screams A new day of possibilities Waiting to create realities There is always a paid price In the unforeseen sacrifices Handed out despite our faith Written upon destinies fate Life’s battles and deeper scars Show us the depth and how far We have come in aContinue reading “Unforeseen Sacrifices”

Mustn’t Run Away

Grinding his molars as he cleans the blade Looks into the mirror with rage on his face It was a good day till she tried to get away Unable to run or walk, now she’ll have to stay Watches her face distort as she lies and dreams Remembering how the whiskey made her scream DousedContinue reading “Mustn’t Run Away”

A New Worth

I have to ask what’s the measure of self-worth Is it dependent on what others really think How can it be a fair gage of what you deserve Only a weak slave to society follows and serves Life lessons never learned nor truthfully taught Commercial adds & trendy thoughts easily bought Into communal expectations withoutContinue reading “A New Worth”

Time Out

Attempting to get a grip He strikes another match Watches the flame flicker As it burns his fingertips Pondering his possession Before igniting his cigarette Hanging freely from his lip She’s chained in the basement Her muffled cries are heard While he savors a burning sip Of whiskey as her blood drips ~This is aContinue reading “Time Out”

Protests Rage

You had the ability to stifle much of this anger By simply modifying your nonchalant demeanor Express a symptom of human compassion and remorse For ending a life early, in the line of duty, you enforced Words you so carefully choose with an inexpressive face Reflects solely on your disgrace and fuels community rage Break yourContinue reading “Protests Rage”

A Snippet & Thought

“There’s nothing here…But off in the distance, maybe across the stream, I can hear something. Movement. Perhaps some sort of small animal.” She scrunched her eyes shut tighter, furrowing her brows in concentration, “Yes, I think it’s a small animal of some sort. Roaming. Slowly. Grazing. That’s weird; I shouldn’t be able to hear anyContinue reading “A Snippet & Thought”


White on white translucent black capes Back on the rack Bela lugosi’s dead The bats have left the bell tower The victims have been bled Red velvet lines the black box Bela lugosi’s dead Undead undead undead The virginal brides file past his tomb Strewn with time’s dead flowers Bereft in deathly bloom Alone inContinue reading “Undead”


  25 of 31 OctPoWriMo Slithering around on the floor The cold tiles soothed the heat Calmed by my own heart beat I heard a faint knock at my door Begging in the distance, please  ~ I knew there was no one there It was my conscious fooling me I didn’t need to get upContinue reading “Venomous”

Paid The Price

19 of 31 OctPoWriMo She asked him nicely to stay On her knees she begged please Don’t leave me and go away He insisted and took leave Left standing there alone She fell to the floor, wept Vulnerable and prone Saw it clearly as she slept Without any delay Revenge was to be claimed ActionsContinue reading “Paid The Price”

Why I Write

Severed seams and deep bleeding Trickling from my very being Thoughts that seep out from my head That are surely best left unsaid Screaming out loud every night Putting up a damn good fight Beseeching a chance to be read Before forever left for dead Blood splatters of ink are dropped Persistently marking a spotContinue reading “Why I Write”