I’m tired of being a slave to the fat
Its weight always holding me back
Consequently, I am taking this path
Hoping to find my freedom at last
As I  get my health back on track
Leaving nothing in life to chance



What goes up, must come down


It’s not a race, so set your own pace
One step at a time, choose your days
All I need is once or twice a week
To know that I will begin to achieve
Again, and then go to places I forgot
Wondering why it was I ever stopped
These aren’t the prettiest city views
But these hills will do and get used
Going up makes every muscle yell
Coming down is scarier than hell


Stunning Rays


Drifting and coming together

Rolling with the gentle breeze

Beautiful cool autumn weather

An occasion to appease


As far as the eye can see

Life, and a new beginning

Troubles carried out to sea

Standing tall, proud and grinning


Sunlight breaking through the haze

Showing me where I’m needed

Warming me with its stunning rays

I have finally succeeded


My phone is not capable of giving these views justice, so you’ll just have to trust me – it was a gorgeous day!


Jurupa Hills


I have made my decision
To tackle the difficult hills
Climbing with acute precision
Remembering how good it feels

Heart pumps vigorously with joy
Lungs expanding full of breath
Great outdoors is what I enjoy
Living a new life, beating death


Gone Hiking

29 of 31 OctPoWriMo

Sunshine and fresh air
Scenic wilderness hiking
Trails lead the way up
Dirt crusted earth breathes with life
Trees stand strong and tall with me

Cooling autumn breeze
Absorbing pure oxygen
Kisses on my skin
Revitalizing organs
Lifting suffering spirits