The scent of fresh pine, blossoming
Under bright sunshine

Nature working together
Side-by-side to cleanse the mind


Squished ~ #Tanka #Prompt

A series of tests
Measuring circulation
Strangling optimism

Every fragile heartbeat squeezed
Fighting for release and life

Inspired by: Ronovan writes weekly prompt #202

Musing: Myocardial ischemia


What goes up, must come down


It’s not a race, so set your own pace
One step at a time, choose your days
All I need is once or twice a week
To know that I will begin to achieve
Again, and then go to places I forgot
Wondering why it was I ever stopped
These aren’t the prettiest city views
But these hills will do and get used
Going up makes every muscle yell
Coming down is scarier than hell


I’m Thankful For…



Opening up my eyes and being alive

Covers to keep me warm in a storm

Pantry and fridge with many options

Family and friends that I can depend

Healthy body and mind to strengthen

Struggles and challenges to overcome

Opportunities to be a better person

The almighty that keeps me thriving

 Freedom and liberty to express myself

World Wide Web to share my thoughts


Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


H is for… Hearts
H is for… Haiku
H is… the eighth letter in the alphabet, so I share with you eight heart-shaped-haiku’s.

By: deivantArt

By: deivantArt

My heart beats for you
Every day and night, I give
All I am to you

Heartbeats when you approach me
Happy fluttering

Whispers in the night
Breath tickles and teeth nibble
Lips speak to my heart

Blood drips from my chest
Where you ripped my sole heart out
Tossed it to the ground

You looked in my soul
Erased the doubts, gave me hope
Brought me to life again

Barely beating, broken
You took my hand with a plan
Steadily beats again

Crave your gentle touch
Caresses my broken heart
Heal me with your hands

My heart beats stronger now
You gave purpose and strength
I give you my heart



The room was small and sparsely furnished. Next to the vertical mirror behind the door I found two hooks to hang my jacket and purse. I spotted a cushioned chair in the corner, so I proceeded to disrobe and stack my neatly folded  garments on top of the chair and tucked my shoes underneath. A small-wheeled cart held a stainless steel basin and within submerged in water were smooth black stones varying in size. Taking one last look around, I pulled back the covers and  lay facedown on the bed that was positioned in the center of the room. Scooting up to the pillowed doughnut, which cradled my face and allowed me to breath easily through its opening. The white linen sheets that appeared sanitary and cold were cuddly and warm, like fresh laundry pulled from the dryer. I pulled the scarlet plush blanket up over me to immerse myself in the warmth and keep it next to me as I waited in the dimmed room.  The mystical flutes playing in the room were hypnotic and lead me into a state of sweet relaxation before healing hands, stones, or lotion were introduced.


For no reason other than I had a great massage yesterday and finally found a new therapist that knows what to do, so I  wanted to capture the ambiance…