Isolationists ~ #Senryu #poems

Mentally exhaustedWe’re physically neglectedIn this together Passing by the timeFollowing the WHO’s biddingFlattening the line RediscoveringA humanitarian’sGenerosity Within our dwellingsOpportunities awaitMake the best of it Let’s get reacquaintedTurn this to our advantageClean out the closets Inspired by Colleen’s 2020 Weekly challenge No. 172, #Poet’sChoice and I spring-boarded from Ritu’s relatable poetry submission.

“Create something that will make the world awesome!”

Too good not to share…. As if that wasn’t enough, this kids story is short of miraculous and inspiring. Take a look at the behind the scenes. If you’re 1 of the 43,000,000 previous viewers you could’ve shared this with me earlier you know, but I ain’t mad atcha.

Moving Forward ~ #Poem

Sometimes you have to start over To appreciate what you once had In order to get everything back While learning to move boulders Resist temptations of let’s pretend Sweep expectations under the rug Stuff fears in the closet with a shove Organize thoughts into neat little bins Although they’re my burdens to carry I’d ratherContinue reading “Moving Forward ~ #Poem”

What goes up, must come down

It’s not a race, so set your own pace One step at a time, choose your days All I need is once or twice a week To know that I will begin to achieve Again, and then go to places I forgot Wondering why it was I ever stopped These aren’t the prettiest city viewsContinue reading “What goes up, must come down”

I’m Thankful For…

Opening up my eyes and being alive Covers to keep me warm in a storm Pantry and fridge with many options Family and friends that I can depend Healthy body and mind to strengthen Struggles and challenges to overcome Opportunities to be a better person The almighty that keeps me thriving  Freedom and liberty to expressContinue reading “I’m Thankful For…”


H is for… Hearts H is for… Haiku H is… the eighth letter in the alphabet, so I share with you eight heart-shaped-haiku’s. My heart beats for you Every day and night, I give All I am to you Accelerated Heartbeats when you approach me Happy fluttering Whispers in the night Breath tickles and teethContinue reading “Hearts”