Hate Crimes – #Tanka

Towering over,
ill placed egos swell with pride
while victims cower

suffering from their birth rights
subject to fearful hate crimes

In response to weekly prompt (hate and pride) challenge #45 here: https://butismileanyway.com/2017/08/08/colleens-weekly-poetry-challenge-45-haiku-hate-pride/


Protests Rage (repost)

You had the ability to stifle much of this anger
By simply modifying your nonchalant demeanor
Express a symptom of human compassion and remorse
For ending a life early, in the line of duty, you enforced
Words you so carefully choose with an inexpressive face
Reflects solely on your disgrace and fuels community rage
Break your silence with something worth hearing; a sincere apology
Give the distraught community something else to believe
Or continue to maintain a faultless conscious as protests rage
Across this great and mighty nation where justice can’t assuage



A crime scene shrouded in yellow tape
Scars seal off my vision
Like the doorway into your heart
A chamber of emptiness
Consisting of cold-darkness
My voice echoes against the walls
As I sought a way out of this blinding numbness
Banging my bleeding hands against every barrier
I pick at the scars along the way to pry my eyes open
Distorted images are presented
Hands outreached against a frame and handle
I brace myself as I lean in and listen
To the constant beat of silence
More of the same awaits me, so I push on through to the other side