Ruffin’ it

If only we could be happy as dogs chewing on hair ties, and everything else it decides to try Under this great, big blue sky without asking what or why learning, always learning wrong from right Merrily going through life with your humans at your side knowing it’d be all right as you lounged tonightContinue reading “Ruffin’ it”


You’re expected to hold a degree In this dog-eat-dog world To be a functioning part of society Tell me what does it really mean When students display their dubiety Perhaps, they aught to pursue a PhD Education never mattered much to me I just wanted the rewards and treats That came with living the dream

It’s a girl…

Two years ago, last month My heart was punctured & crushed I still miss HER  so much Yet I’m ready for another pup I’ve waited long enough My heart’s already filling up Only she’s barely 3 weeks old And needs more time to grow Before I can bring her home She sent this selfie forContinue reading “It’s a girl…”