Conscientious men

I detest, yet I must confess There’s still a few good men around Ready, willing and able To help out A damsel in distress An old hag in duress One in the same Violently engaged In a parking lot – folly Cursing (under breath) Tugging (hem of dress) Kicking (tires bent) Not one, but twoContinue reading “Conscientious men”

💩 Calling all crappy poets… #poem

There’s this Kamikaze who flew over me For a suicidal crash landing on my poetry The arrogant, ignorance was a sight to see As such, I snapped it like a paparazzi For the whole damn world to read As a means to an end of everything Hiding behind the safety of touch screens Lacking theContinue reading “💩 Calling all crappy poets… #poem”