Percolating beans Slow roasted for my machine Vitalizing coffee steams ~ Steaming hot liquid Breathes energy into me Waking up happy ~ One will never do I simply must have two cups To tackle this new day ~ Fully leaded drink Mixed extra creamy and sweet My daily retreat ~ Savoring each drop Stretching theContinue reading “Coffee-Ku’s”

All Great Fortune’s

It’s been a long-standing tradition that every time you read a fortune out loud that you append “In Bed,” to make it more… shall we say, entertaining. However, while entertaining potential clients it hardly seemed appropriate to honor aforementioned tradition, yet I couldn’t help but adding it in my mind. Apparently, this tradition is sharedContinue reading “All Great Fortune’s”

Freefly (Wordle #48)

Looking out the side window, every crack and crevice of the earth looked intimidating as they continued their ascent. This was ridiculous Tommy thought; as he masticated his decision and sought to justify his actions to keep from combusting, or even worse, backing out. After all, they agreed to jump together before taking the finalContinue reading “Freefly (Wordle #48)”

Psst… I have a Secrete

It’s no joke I’m so stoked Applied some heat Our mission complete You’re in for a special treat But you’ll have to wait two weeks It is downright dirty, some say Raw We hope that it leaves you standing in awe ~What can I say except that I recently wrapped up a special project withContinue reading “Psst… I have a Secrete”

Time to Rise

Discharging from the hostile stare Daggers shoot through the cold air Trapped within your adverse lair ~  Wielding a double-edged sword Piercing my heart with vicious words Lacerating my soul, severely scored ~  My response is stuck in my throat Bile bubbling up, making me choke Immobilized under the fear of control ~  Despite tearsContinue reading “Time to Rise”


Bursting with color an assortment of feelings displayed around every corner in the oddest nooks. Reminiscent of strolling along the boardwalk and ducking into the candy shop for banana salt-water taffy stretched to perfection and twisted with cheery jubilee. Lush key lime pie nestled in a buttery graham cracker crust. Picnic basket and blanket takenContinue reading “Symptomatic”


Depleted, Nixie collapsed in the middle of the road while taking an evening stroll. She enjoyed the California heat, sunshine, and palm trees that swayed, but living in the desert took its toll leaving the land and water sprite dehydrated. Forcing the gods to pour down and revive them both. *A fifty-word story for thisContinue reading “Parched”

Sweet Luxuries

Mind-blowing bubblegum kisses stretch across the distance Streaking across the evening sky to dance before my eyes Wrapped in raspberry blue purée at the end of the day Surgery, sweet luxuries keep me moving my feet There is always beauty to be seen, it’s our duty To recognize by being open to simple meaning AcceptingContinue reading “Sweet Luxuries”


18 of 31 OctPoWriMo Headless Horseman riding by and things that go bump in the night After the children are safely tucked in bed their thoughts bring fright Lightning flashes outside electrifying a grey cloudless sky Lycanthropy neighbors change forms and are spied barking at the moon Old skeletons wandering down the streets in brokenContinue reading “Halloween”

My Challenge

14 of 31 OctPoWriMo My challenge Write something everyday My challenge No matter what folks say I’ll find my own way through Working out the kinks of My Challenge ~Rondelet Dear Readers, It’s okay if you think this is cheesy, I know it is. I don’t consider myself a poet or take these things tooContinue reading “My Challenge”

A Glimpse of Me

11 of 31 OctPoWriMo You believe you can see Who I am; what I’m about Maybe you have no doubts You got me all figured out But what you see isn’t me Rightly, I sit back and flout Go ahead and take a peek See what you wish to believe Words are often misconceived PurposelyContinue reading “A Glimpse of Me”

Always Seeking

Often I search the sky for answers that seem to hide deep inside Wondering if I’ll ever reach that place of contentment and true satisfaction How will I know when I’ve found the simplistic truth and life’s meaning   And will I recognize it when it’s within reach or will I let it slip into aContinue reading “Always Seeking”

Timeout to Play

It’s time to take a break, press play, turn it up, and answer (my) weekly questions through music. As Whodini said, “We came here together so we could have fun
 | Me and you, baby, goin’ one on one | 
Now this is the last chance for us to get off | 
So either getContinue reading “Timeout to Play”