Game Day

A familiar score Belts The Star-Spangled Banner Jets soar above ~ A coin toss kicks off Bets with a fifty-fifty Popular wager ~ It’s the food and drinks Commercials and half-time shows Pools that I adore ~ Win or lose we choose To feed greedy appetites With our traditions ~Haiku string poem

Reunited ~ #OctPoWriMo 1 of 31

Seasons will certainly change in a haze People will need to part their own ways Separated by time and distance Engaged in personal commitments Never forgotten over prolonged days Persistent like the cool autumn breeze Covering ground and dancing in the trees True friends reunite and share some wine Laughing and reminiscing of good timesContinue reading “Reunited ~ #OctPoWriMo 1 of 31”

Very Inspiring Blogger, Lighthouse and Awesome Blossom Award

I’m feeling very fortunate to receive the following awards from the incredibly talented Bruisedbelly over at The Migraine Chronicles whose words of poetry speak to me on so many levels.  Thank you for the recognition, awards, and most importantly inspiring me through every post. Awards and information can be found here:  “It Is What ItContinue reading “Very Inspiring Blogger, Lighthouse and Awesome Blossom Award”