Happy 4th of July


Independence Day

Nothing is free but freedom



Social gatherings

Food, drinks and conversation

Family and friends


A celebration

American traditions

Of a great nation





28 of 31 OctPorWriMo

When times are tough and it’s difficult to cope

Living with wrenching hardships, loosing control

All that’s left to do is hold on tight to hope


Struggling through the daily chores that take a toll

Angst with meeting everyone else’s simple needs

Disappointment and despair takes a strong hold


It’s more difficult to proceed than concede

Burdens and duties placed by society

Cognizance permits a mind shift to achieve


Believing in your worth curbs anxiety

Lessening the hostile and defeating doubts

From the rich truth and your notoriety


Give yourself the permission to bring about

Joy, love and fulfillment and it’ll work out


~ A Terza Rima Sonnet

~ Image found on Google