The fading autumn sun deprives our light supply

Robbing us of needed warmth and its energy

Standing in the dusk holding onto the memory

As atmospheric beauty streaks across the sky

Satisfying our hearts desire and need to survive


Thanks to Kellie Elmore’s FWF image prompt for inspiring this short piece.


Soul Reaper

“She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world.” ― Joanne Harris

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

By day Shelby was a beautiful sight to behold for sure. She had an internal allure about her that drew new patrons into her bookstore every day looking for a variety of words, which she kept well stocked. The regular cliental often gathered in the coffee area at the back to share their experiences and interactions with Shelby. It was said that she had a hypnotic, cleansing, and enjoyable affect on all she encountered and that’s what kept them coming back for more. What her patrons didn’t know was that when she looked into their eyes she could reach into their soul and find what ailed them, and to be sure, she reflected their unhappiness back through her knowing orbs as confirmation of the source before proceeding to heal their spirit at little everyday. Occasionally, she would encounter a client that had been sorely wronged by another and to make it right, she would seek them out in her dreams at night. When she slept her spirit wandered the world and beyond, looking to turn predators into prey. She siphoned the life force from evildoers to replenish her strength so that she could continue to help the people who entered her bookstore and heal their spirits with more than the words they sought for comfort or escape.


Joanne Harris’s quote sponsored by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt inspired this short piece.



First Encounters


As soon as he entered the room Jana noticed. She always noticed, but never had the nerve to actually speak with him even though there were plenty on opportunities in the hall or in their sociology class. She knew that he never bothered with her because she was an average girl that didn’t really standout from the crowd; accept in maybe a geeky-nerd like way. The few friends she had would tease that the hospital must have misspelled her name when she was born by accidently putting an ‘a’ at the end, when clearly it should have been a ‘e’ because she was epitome of plain Jane.

Safely, from afar Jana watched him as she stood against the wall and danced to the music. He must have felt eyes on him or been looking for someone because he turned and scanned the room. Frozen in place, Jana looked the other way to avoid eye contact. When Jana looked back to where he was, he was gone, so she quickly glanced around the room. That’s when she saw him coming her way with a huge grin and knowing eyes that made her shrink back in guilt and shyness.

He didn’t slow as he approached, he leaned in and rested one hand on her shoulder to speak over the loud music, “Finally, we get to meet. My name’s Rich, let’s dance Jana,” he said as he placed a big warm hand over the two she was anxiously wringing together.

With a nervous smile she followed him on to the dance floor. His showy charisma and smile were infectious, and once the second song started Jana was really enjoying herself and found a comfortable groove in the way that they moved. They danced to several songs, without rest while exchanging many smiles and few words. The DJ announced he’d play one more song and then they would be taking a short break for naming ceremonies.

Licking his lips, Rich claimed the kiss he refused to miss before the end of the last song. Suspended in time, on the dance floor, in front of everyone Jana experienced her first real kiss with a boy she thought didn’t even know she existed. Moist, plump, firm lips slanted over hers and pressed exquisitely. Jana closed her eyes to appreciate the moment. The scent of him invaded her awareness and the music playing drifted away. Once the music stopped altogether the applauds broke the spell and when she opened her eye’s in a panic Rich’s smiling eye’s filled her vision and he gave her a wink before relinquishing her lips. After that night, they spent much of their free time for the remainder of the school year together, kissing.


Inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt, and this week it was all about the First Kiss.