Game Day


A familiar score
Belts The Star-Spangled Banner
Jets soar above
A coin toss kicks off
Bets with a fifty-fifty
Popular wager
It’s the food and drinks
Commercials and half-time shows
Pools that I adore
Win or lose we choose
To feed greedy appetites
With our traditions

~Haiku string poem



I’m thankful for each breath that averts death
With good health dealt by a spiritual wealth
A warm and cozy bed, the roof over my head
The Sandman’s conveyances off to dreamland

Food that feeds a mouth the words to speak
Loud music played easing all troubles away
A safe hand to hold as all the mysteries unfold
Taking it one day at a time to fill-up a lifetime

-This is from last Saturday’s writers meeting, and was inspired by the seven minute writing prompt given by our clubs President, Judy. You can visit her site here: