Doomed bloom

Even the itsy bitsy spider Found himself tired and uninspired Climbing up that water-spout Just to be washed back out He gave it a lot of thought Before deciding to take off For an environment that inspires To feel a life full of blissful desire It was on a warm spring day He set outContinue reading “Doomed bloom”

Super Bloom 💐 🦋

On my paid commute I’ve seen it a time or two The California “Super Bloom” I’ve even been blindsided By the breathtaking migrants Causing an array of excitement Enthralled by the views (and news) Billions of butterflies & touristy pursuits I took this lousy picture for you

Fool Proof Garden 💐

Overnight Morning Glory seeds sprout with life Pretty Daylilies* bloom in an array of colors yearly Despite what you may think purple Pansy’s aren’t weak Sunny Marigolds offer a safe bet for your money Annual Impatiens grow quickly and require no manuals Hearty Sunflowers stoop over to weep at the loss of heat Perennials areContinue reading “Fool Proof Garden 💐”

Springtime is coming

I got real dirty Spring is in a big hurry Day spent gardening New color splashes Greenery, white and purple Simple extravagance Sago palms center Of attention cornering Both ends for balance Fertilized the dormant Bulbs giving Fire Dancers hope For annual show Oh my aching back The tomatoes have to wait It’s time toContinue reading “Springtime is coming”


Bursting with color an assortment of feelings displayed around every corner in the oddest nooks. Reminiscent of strolling along the boardwalk and ducking into the candy shop for banana salt-water taffy stretched to perfection and twisted with cheery jubilee. Lush key lime pie nestled in a buttery graham cracker crust. Picnic basket and blanket takenContinue reading “Symptomatic”