Three purple pansies
Caught running wild
Dehydrated and frolicking
Out in the midday sun
Wearing nothing but foliage
A magnificent green
Bringing out their violas
Looking a bit shunned
Until I poured them some
Rehydrating the fun


Fool Proof Garden 💐


* 2016 holiday bouquet

Overnight Morning Glory seeds sprout with life

Pretty Daylilies* bloom in an array of colors yearly

Despite what you may think purple Pansy’s aren’t weak

Sunny Marigolds offer a safe bet for your money

Annual Impatiens grow quickly and require no manuals

Hearty Sunflowers stoop over to weep at the loss of heat

Perennials are sustainably preferred over Biennials

Inspired by flower power among other things, and I’m super excited about volunteering to work on a Rose Parade float tomorrow.