A Dragon Without Tales

I fell off the wagon Found a Magic Dragon No, I’m not bragging It’s left me staggering From here to there, Yet I go nowhere Words taunt and dare Does anyone care? When all else fails, Scratch the scales Pull hard on its tail For a murderous wail Where’s the glory Tell me a newContinue reading “A Dragon Without Tales”

Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)

  There once was a girl who wandered deep into the forest and discovered a clearing covered with black scorched rocks that glistened under the harsh sun like brilliant onyx gems. Beyond the jagged rocks she spotted what appeared to be the mouth of cave. Curious, the girl slung her sack full of books andContinue reading “Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)”

The Power of Unity

“Sasha stop!” Gillian shouted into the dark as he rushed back to her.  “You must leave the map behind. We have to get out of this god-forsaken cave. There’s no time left.  We have to leave,  now!” “But we can’t just leave the map! It’s our only chance to find the portal home. Without it weContinue reading “The Power of Unity”