Priorities – #Tanka

Another day rolls
In to pick up where we stopped
Sorting thru life’s rocks

Moving pebbles and boulders
To find the meaningful gems


Game Day


A familiar score
Belts The Star-Spangled Banner
Jets soar above
A coin toss kicks off
Bets with a fifty-fifty
Popular wager
It’s the food and drinks
Commercials and half-time shows
Pools that I adore
Win or lose we choose
To feed greedy appetites
With our traditions

~Haiku string poem

My Shepherd


Watches over me
From her field of dreams
Now running wild and free

A year ago today
I watched my Tara slip away
It still feels like it was yesterday

She laid down to sleep
Leaving only memories to keep
That fill me with pride and peace

My Shepherd
Watches over me
From her field of dreams
Now running wild and free

Block Party

It - Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2013)

It – Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2013)

Finally, I can sit back and relax and tip my glass as the boys begin to play their games.  Perched on a lawn chair, with other spectators, I await the spectacular fire-show that is about to unfold. It is about time to see the pretty lights.  The sun is almost set, and it sits behind me to the west. The air is calm, and the only breeze that kisses my bare knees is from the little feet that stir-up the air as they run around me. I fidget in my seat and scratch like I have fleas. The blasted heat is stifling, the abnormal humidity is suffocating and so I must drink, you see, to get some relief.  I am woman, so my skin is dewy and wet, and don’t you dare call it sweat if you know what is best because at some point you too will need to rest, I bet. I try not to scratch, but the blasted gnats are out to attack. This aliment could have been easily remedied; if only I had remembered to purchase some repellent.


Wishing everyone in the US a nice long holiday weekend, but remember to be safe and sane!  Also,  be sure to keep your illegal and homemade explosives separated, so that you don’t get caught red-handed and slapped with a hefty fine. Lastly, if you are going to drive – please be responsible.  🙂   HAVE FUN!

Mother Cursed

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

The girl was twelve and the boy just turned fourteen, when their mother was abruptly taken away. The two orphaned children, a brother and a sister were out wandering the shores of the ocean, hand-in-hand as they were stalked by an evil Enchantress, who recognized their internal powers and coveted them and contrived to take them to increase her own strength.

The shoreline was a peaceful place that the children returned to everyday. Despite the darkening clouds and rain pouring down all around, the children smiled cheerfully as they made their way from one end to the other.  They swung their clasped hands high up into the air as they skipped along and sang a melodic song.  The sound of falling rain slapping against the oceans surface drowned out the actual words and kept them from reaching the stalking Enchantress.

The Enchantress grew impatient and moved out from behind the trees, ready to attack the children and hold them in a binding spell while she siphoned their youthful magical energies. The children’s mother was cursed by Sorcerer and shackled nearby, at the bottom of the sea.  Despite her transgressions the Sorcerer who cursed her felt some regrets, for when he cursed the children’s mother to punishment he didn’t want their youthful ruin on his hands, so he said she would forever remain trapped under the sea, unless her children were in imminent danger and only then would she be freed.

The evil Enchantress began to cast her spell against the helpless children and the shackles holding their powerful mother at the bottom of the sea were released, and she sprung up like a geyser to protect and reunite once again with her young children, while the vile Enchantress was sucked up by the angry ocean to take her place at the bottom of the sea, where she would forever be.


Yup, it’s that time again,  Free Write Friday: Image Prompt by Kellie Elmore on FWF here is my contribution.