Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem

The biting, crisp reminders
Send shivers up my spine
From that moment in time –
A late December morning

When the semi-cool breeze
Had enough of record heat
Gusting thru the Inland basin
Pushing summer to an end

Where we all could fall in love
With winter once again
Plan to ring the New Year in
Wearing our scarfs & gloves

Making spring time resolutions
An intoxicating mix of absolutions


Fall back! 🍂🕰🍁

It’s Sunday
I’m an hour behind
Now surprised
Turning back the hands of time
With caffeine and rhymes

In response to an open invitation to try a new form, Shadorma at:


Chasing sun rays
That inevitably escape
At the end of each day

Soon darkness invades
Hurry run the other way
It’s not too late

Try and stay awake
Watching shadows play
Tricks as demons slay


We All Fall 🍁 🍃 🍂 #Haiku

Wind, sun sneaks away
To Autumnal equinox
We all Fall in love

In seasonal bliss
Infusing our pumpkin spice
Morning, noon and night

Stirring up pleasures
Meant for cuddling up weather
Each year together




Earlier the nights
Harvesting bountiful crops
Southward Equinox
Colors shed with fallen leaves
Lulling toward winters sleep

-Tanka repost. Happy 1st day of fall, my favorite season!