I’m tired of being a slave to the fat
Its weight always holding me back
Consequently, I am taking this path
Hoping to find my freedom at last
As I  get my health back on track
Leaving nothing in life to chance



What goes up, must come down


It’s not a race, so set your own pace
One step at a time, choose your days
All I need is once or twice a week
To know that I will begin to achieve
Again, and then go to places I forgot
Wondering why it was I ever stopped
These aren’t the prettiest city views
But these hills will do and get used
Going up makes every muscle yell
Coming down is scarier than hell



Silently working against us
Every hour of productivity
Spent with physical enemy
Zaps all the mental energy
Without any of the pleasantries
Defeated army of office butts
Sitting on fast growing asses
Deciding to take off the glasses
Moving through sticky molasses
Until the stiffness passes
30-minutes a day won’t be enough

Spring Foward Into Night


I’m not afraid of the dark
I get an early morning start
Sacrificing my fitful sleep
To beat the California heat
When all is still tucked in bed
Getting their snooze on instead
It’s calm and quiet till I walk by
With my shepherd at my side
Waking up every dog in sight
Activating the motion lights

Making the evenings a fine
Time for sipping on red wine
Longer days now filled with work
There’s no time for creative words

Sweet Luxuries



Mind-blowing bubblegum kisses stretch across the distance
Streaking across the evening sky to dance before my eyes
Wrapped in raspberry blue purée at the end of the day
Surgery, sweet luxuries keep me moving my feet

There is always beauty to be seen, it’s our duty
To recognize by being open to simple meaning
Accepting each elated breath until wholly sated
Arranged magnificence without any extravagance