L’istesso tempo, Espressivo Crescendo and Accelerando – Marcato Fine.

M is for…Music L’istesso tempo, Espressivo Crescendo and Accelerando – Marcato Fine. In the same tempo, with expression increasing in loudness and gradually increasing the speed – marked the end.  


I is for… Inside Inside Abandoned In the black A place to hide Windows sealed Entry boarded up No trespassing sign Solid walls constructed Keeping up my defenses Restricting your entrance Posting ignored Boundary breached A human battleground Wielded determination Resolve, strength and kindness Pulled me out of the sheltered segregation Easing the pain andContinue reading “Inside”


In the darkened room Alone, I primed my tools Candlelight sconces Used to elicit responses I sensed your presence Filled with acceptance From atop of the stairs With an adverted stare Cornflower blues Iridescent hues Hesitantly descended Into the shadowy darkness My heart suspended *** Your fate sealed When you willingly sought me out SteppedContinue reading “Shadows”