It’s as easy as A B C

When I’m struggling to see All the happiness you bring Best harness that energy Then focus it solely on me Let’s see if I can make it easy When you know the notes to sing You can sing most anything It’s like A B C and do re mi Do you get what that meansContinue reading “It’s as easy as A B C”

Native tongue

The proof goes to show To those that don’t already know Their friends from their foes It will stunt your growth Misconceptions led us astray We all like to exchange Words throughout the day It’s in the nature of our ways Today, I absolutely loved That she wanted a hug Quite simply because I spokeContinue reading “Native tongue”


You’re expected to hold a degree In this dog-eat-dog world To be a functioning part of society Tell me what does it really mean When students display their dubiety Perhaps, they aught to pursue a PhD Education never mattered much to me I just wanted the rewards and treats That came with living the dream